Toilet Cleaning: One Less Thing to Worry About

March 16, 2019

Cross toilet cleaning off your mental to-do list for the next year with Everflush.  Installs in seconds, keeps your toilet sparkling clean for years.


February 18, 2019

The best way to learn to enjoy toilet cleaning is not to do it, discover what you could be doing rather than spending time cleaning toilets.

Money Saving Toilet Cleaning Hacks Used by Hotels

February 18, 2019

How hotels save time and money while improving cleanliness and customer reviews.

How this toilet stayed effortlessly clean for 2 years

April 28, 2016

[Everflush Case Study] Clean Toilet for 2 Years and Counting with NO scrubbing Our goal at Everflush is to save you time (toilet cleaning time), so we will keep this brief.  Over the past couple of years we have been testing the next 2 generations of the longest lasting automatic toilet bowl cleaners on the market (and in the world) and have achieved the goal of keeping a toilet clean for 2 years without scrubbing or manual cleaning of any kind.  The toilet was used daily after installing our newest product, Everflush 10X.  The secret to keeping a toilet clean...

Toilet Bowl Ring Prevention

April 09, 2016

Every day hundreds of millions of science experiments are happening in toilets around the world. The end result of these experiments manifests itself visibly as a dark or more colorful ring of “gunk” around the edge of the water line in the toilet bowl.  So what exactly is toilet bowl ring?  We get this question from customers often enough that we wanted to provide some detailed insight into the root cause of this common problem and how to fix it.  If you have toilet bowl ring, you are not alone … EVERYONE HAS TOILET BOWL RING.  Ok, almost everyone has...