EverFlush Results: Continuously Clean Toilet for 10 Months and Counting...No Cleaning!

January 31, 2015


A frequently used family toilet:

The Everflush Team is continuously working to improve the world's longest lasting automatic toilet bowl cleaner and is committed to sharing our results along with some of the most interesting findings.  In this case study, we are evaluating a product design modification having the primary goal of extending the Everflush cleaning lifetime and delivering higher value to customers at the same low price with the same cleaning efficiency.  The toilet in this case study is used by a family multiple times daily.  The cleaning schedule prior to installation of the modified Everflush product was weekly and included the use of a scrub brush and liquid bleach cleaner.  After scrubbing the toilet with a scrub brush and liquid bleach, it would remain clean for only a short period of time because the cleaning product is flushed down the toilet leaving the toilet susceptible with each use. 

The modified Everflush unit is installed: 

The toilet in this study was cleaned for a final time and the modified Everflush unit was installed in less than 1 minute.  The toilet was used at the same prior frequency for the next 10 months without any form of toilet bowl cleaning except that of the modified Everflush unit.

The Results:

Success!  After 10 months without any form of toilet bowl cleaning, the modified Everflush unit provided a continuously clean toilet and is still hard at work.  There are no signs of stains and the modified Everflush unit still has the potential to last many more months.  Because the Everflush cleaning agent is dispensed directly into the toilet bowl after every flush, it not only cleans the bowl continuously, it also cleans under the rim.  There were no stains under the rim.  The modified Everflush pouch in this case study is on track to keep the toilet clean for well over 1 year and will be provided as the primary product on our site for the same price.   





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