The Occasionally Clean Toilet

March 01, 2015


As you finish the weekly task of cleaning all the household toilets and slide the scrub brush and chemicals back into their designated space, you can finally relax and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment.  But how long will those freshly cleaned toilets actually stay clean?  The answer may surprise you.  But first let me walk you through a very simple analogy:  how long does any room in your house really stay in order after tidying up?  In the case of a child's room, probably not long.  And even the most organized people will become disorganized over time unless a consistent amount of effort is applied.  Think about a child's toy room where all of the toys are nicely put away and within minutes of playing, the room becomes strewn with toys.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a housekeeper that was constantly working to clean up any and every mess that arises as soon as it happens? 

Now, we take you back to your newly cleaned toilets that are likely blue and/or have the smell of bleach or other cleaning products.  How long will those toilets remain clean?  After the toilet's first use, the cleaning agent is flushed out of the bowl and fresh water then fills up the toilet bowl.  Because the cleaning agent is no longer present, a newly cleaned toilet will become dirty after the first use.  That means, unfortunately, you can use your toilet only a single time before it is back on course to require another round of cleaning as the well-known toilet ring begins to show itself.  Visibly, the toilet may look clean for days, but what's actually happening is that contaminants including microorganisms and hard water begin to propagate and stain and after the first use will build to a point where stains become visible and the next round of cleaning is inevitable regardless of how good a job you did cleaning the toilets initially.  This means you can endlessly scrub and use the most creative cleaning solutions and combinations available and your toilet will still become contaminated after the first use.  Most people would not even consider cleaning a toilet after every use because it would be a waste of time, energy and money not to mention being totally impractical.  But just like the housekeeper that works constantly to clean up every household mess as they occur and as impractical as it sounds, the only way to maintain a constantly clean toilet is to constantly clean it.



The best way to stay ahead of the toilet cleaning game is to clean your toilets after every flush and the best way to minimize the amount of manual cleaning required is to use an automatic toilet bowl cleaner.  Automatic toilet bowl cleaners (depending on the type) will deliver a cleaning agent into the toilet bowl after use where the agent cleans the toilet until it is flushed again and fresh cleaning agent is again dispensed into the bowl.  Surfing the web will offer a number of creative solutions for cleaning your toilets - from vinegar and baking soda to denture tablets to scrubbing with pumice stones, but regardless of how creative the solution, they are all one-time use solutions.  All of these solutions work only until the toilet is used again and then stains including the toilet ring quickly return.  Supplying a cleaning agent after every flush is a great way to keep your toilet continuously clean and to stay ahead of stains.  Not all automatic toilet bowl cleaners are created equal.  Some automatic toilet bowl cleaners are dispensed into the tank of the toilet and are flushed down the drain spending only seconds or fractions of a second actually cleaning your toilet bowl.  Because of the short duration of cleaning, large amounts of cleaning agent are required to be effective which creates other problems such as damage to tank components and large amounts of cleaning agent being flushed down the toilet, essentially being wasted.  Overall, using an automatic toilet bowl cleaner is an excellent way to keep your toilet continuously clean while saving time and money and the headache of weekly toilet cleaning.  Transform your toilet from an occasionally clean toilet into a continuously clean toilet!          


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