Everflush: Innovation for the Environment

April 04, 2015

The Cleaning Aisle

As you walk through the aisles of your local grocery store, take a look at the hundreds of bottles of cleaning chemicals many of which are intended to clean your toilet.  Now imagine thousands of grocery stores and millions of people buying these chemicals and using them to clean their toilets.  Essentially, millions of gallons of chemicals are being flushed down the toilet to maintain temporarily clean toilets which begin to get dirty immediately after the chemicals are flushed into the environment.  

Where the Chemicals Go and What They Accomplish


The toilet above is a good example of excessive use of cleaning chemicals - but after all, people are spending their valuable time scrubbing toilets so they want to make sure they get as clean as possible even if it means using large amounts of cleaning agent.  The fact is that most people don't know how much cleaning chemicals they need to use to get the job done.  Now multiply this toilet by millions of toilets getting cleaned weekly for 52 weeks a year and it amounts to a significant amount of chemicals being flushed into the system annually.  The practice of manually cleaning toilets is really bad for the environment. 

Everflush: Innovation that Makes a Difference

Imagine a product that uses the optimal amount of cleaning agent to clean your toilet after every flush by precisely controlling the concentration of cleaning agent delivered into your toilet bowl and take that thought one step further by imagining never having to manually clean your toilet because it always stays clean.  If everyone used this product, there would be no need for anyone to buy toilet cleaning chemicals.  The same people would not only save money on chemicals but also would save time otherwise spent scrubbing toilets and dumping chemicals into the environment.  Everflush makes this all possible by significantly reducing the amount of cleaning agent needed to clean your toilet because it optimizes how that cleaning agent is delivered and utilized.  Not only do our customers save time cleaning their toilets and money otherwise spent on cleaning chemicals, our customers know that they are significantly reducing the amount of chemicals entering our environment.  Finally, multiply the chemical reduction, time savings and money savings by millions of individuals and millions of toilets and, together, we have a recipe for success and sustainability.            


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