New automatic toilet bowl cleaner lasts 30 months - never lift a brush

February 14, 2016



If you clean your toilets by hand or use conventional automatic toilet bowl cleaners, you'll want to read this.  In response to customer demand, Everflush released a new product called Everflush 10x that cleans your toilet automatically for up to 30 months (2.5 years).  Conventional toilet cleaners have to be constantly repurchased and replaced because they run out quickly, typically in 1-2 months.  Everflush 10x solves this problem by cleaning for at least ten times longer than conventional cleaners and in most cases between 20-30 times longer.  The light bulb consumer market is a good analogy.  Light bulb manufacturers would intentionally make the filaments thin because they knew this shortened the lifetime of the bulbs which would require replacement several times a year.  As LED technology became available it offered a solution to the problem of constant bulb replacement and consumers caught on quickly to the value delivered by longer lasting products both in time and money.  The Everflush 10x dual pouch technology efficiently cleans your toilet after every flush to remove toilet bowl ring and hard water deposits from the inside out.         


Everflush customers also wanted a product that installed quickly and didn't require any assembly or handling of the cleaning agent.  Everflush 10x is ready to install out of the package with no pre-assembly or opening.  Total installation takes seconds. 



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