How this toilet stayed effortlessly clean for 2 years

April 28, 2016

[Everflush Case Study] Clean Toilet for 2 Years and Counting with NO scrubbing

Our goal at Everflush is to save you time (toilet cleaning time), so we will keep this brief.  Over the past couple of years we have been testing the next 2 generations of the longest lasting automatic toilet bowl cleaners on the market (and in the world) and have achieved the goal of keeping a toilet clean for 2 years without scrubbing or manual cleaning of any kind.  The toilet was used daily after installing our newest product, Everflush 10X.  The secret to keeping a toilet clean for so long without scrubbing is that Everflush 10X delivers a controlled concentration of cleaning agent into the toilet bowl after every flush where it cleans in between flushes for hours at a time.  Extended cleaning time plus controlling and optimizing the concentration of cleaner delivered into the bowl after every flush is the key to making Everflush 10x last so long.  In fact, Everflush 10x lasts at least 10 times longer than any other automatic toilet bowl cleaner on the market. 

Everflush 10X was invented by us, a small but growing company called Everflush and has been a huge success so far.  You can see our results below and the best part is, Everflush 10X is still going and has a lot of life left in it.  By our estimates, it should last at least another year so maybe we should have called it Everflush 12X but will be conservative at 10X, and that’s being generous given that many competing products last only 3 months at the most.  We wanted Everflush 10X to work not only for keeping toilets clean but also claim the titles of fastest installing (no assembly required) and longest lasting product on the market so people wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning their toilets or buying refills to short lived products.  At less than 2 cents per day, we feel that this is the highest valued product on the market and are still working on increasing customer value with our 3rd generation product currently in development.  The results speak for themselves:      



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What’s next?  Our goal is simply to continue delivering the highest value products to our customers even if it means competing against our own products to continuously make them better.  With this in mind we are currently testing our 3rd generation product (Everflush 16X) with the potential to last 4-5 years and are looking for customers to help test this product for free.  Customers will be selected randomly and notified by email when we are ready to begin distribution of Everflush 16x to our beta testing team (that’s you).  If you are interested in helping test this product for free, please provide your email below and we will notify you when Everflush 16X is ready to roll out.  In the meantime, if you have better things to do than clean toilet bowl ring every week, please check out Everflush 10X using the link above.      


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