Chemical Free Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Deodorizing

April 25, 2020

Everflush released an all-natural, chemical free cleaning product that works by using electricity to convert tap water into dissolved ozone which can be sprayed onto surfaces to kill bacteria, destroy viruses, breakdown pesticides and other toxins without creating any harmful byproducts common when using conventional chemical cleaning methods.  Ozone converts back into harmless oxygen and water after use.  

What's wrong with chemical disinfectants?

There is increasing evidence that using chemical cleaning agents such as bleach, chlorine, alcohol, etc. (typically used in cleaning products from hand sanitizers to disinfectants) create Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which have been shown to cause negative health and environmental effects.  Specifically, VOCs show a harmful effect on embryos and, as a result, fertility clinics have increasingly turned to using ozone as a natural disinfectant to foster a much cleaner and toxin-free environment.  To prevent VOCs being released into the environment, ozone is used as a disinfectant in wastewater treatment due to it's bactericidal properties and rapid disinfection rate which replaces chemical cleaners that can have a damaging effect.  Water purification using ozone is 1000x more effective at killing bacteria and destroying viruses at the same concentrations of chlorine and has the added benefit of preventing harmful residuals in water such as trihalomethanes (THMs) which pose a significant health risk.  After killing bacteria/viruses, breaking down pesticides and other harmful compounds, ozone coverts back into water and oxygen leaving a healthy, clean environment.  

What is ozone?

Ozone is the most powerful naturally occurring disinfectant/oxidizer and the 4th strongest oxidizer known.  Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen and contains 3 oxygen atoms instead of 2.  Due to it's strong oxidizing potential, ozone is useful in sterilization and disinfection and is effective at killing bacteria, breaking down pesticides and other harmful organic compounds and destroying viruses down to the DNA level.  It kills micro-organisms, decomposes organic molecules, removes cyanide, phenols, iron, manganese, and detergents and coloration from aqueous systems.  It is used to disinfect water, food, surgical equipment, etc. Ozone is used in industries such as semiconductor, breweries, water bottling, pharmaceuticals and biotech where ultra pure water is required in the manufacturing process.  Ozone can be produced in the air using electricity or in water by means of electrolysis when combined with the right catalytic materials and is 13 times more soluble than oxygen (O2) which means it can effectively be produced and dissolved in water.  When dissolved in water, ozone lasts 20 minutes until it breaks down into highly reactive hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals before converting back into water.  Unfortunately, the poor availability of tools to produce ozone electrolytically in water has prevented consumers from leveraging the cleaning powers of ozone. To address this, our company developed a proprietary electrode that can be used to produce ozone in water through electrolysis to leverage a large number of consumer applications including use as the most powerful naturally occurring disinfectant.  

What can ozone be used for?  

Ozone is regarded as a "chemical-free" cleaning, disinfection, deodorizing and sterilizing agent. It is used widely on an industrial level to clean and disinfect but has not gained acceptance on a consumer level due to industrial ozone generators being very expensive and inefficient.  Some examples of industrial and health care use include cleaning and disinfection in hospitals, fertility clinics and other health care environments, water treatment, water bottling, and many other applications where volatile organic compounds would be detrimental.  Ozone does not leave harmful residuals which can impact the taste of bottled water or have a negative impact on the surrounding environment.  Organic compounds found in water in including phenols, biphenol, amines, pesticides as well as metallic contamination including iron, manganese, arsenic and halogen compounds can be broken down and removed by ozonation.

How does the ozone electrode work?

1) Simply fill any spray bottle or hand sanitizer bottle with water and insert the ozone electrode.  2) Connect the electrode to a 9V batter and allow ozone to be produced for 1-2 minutes swirling occasionally.  You will see ozone being produced and notice a sweet smell.  3) Remove and dry the electrode.  Use within 20 minutes.  For best results, spray on surfaces to clean, disinfect, deodorize and sanitize immediately.  

 Electrolytic Ozone Electrode Producing Ozone in Water

How can customers benefit from ozone?  How does ozone add value at a consumer level?

Since ozone can be produced in water using our electrode technology and a 9-volt battery, customers can harness an unlimited supply of chemical-free disinfectant created from tap water and electricity.  Ozone cleans, sanitizes, disinfects and deodorizes all surfaces and materials that come in contact with it.  Here are just a few examples of how ozone water can be used:

Disinfect countertops:


Clean and deodorize sinks and garbage disposals:


Deodorize and sanitize dishwashers:

Drinking water purification including use for backpacking/survival:

Backpacking/survival water purification (our goal is to provide electrodes to third world countries to help improve the quality of drinking water - finding clean water is one of the biggest health issues facing our planet):

Add ozone water to laundry to all-naturally deodorize, disinfect and remove stains:

All Purpose stain remover:

Clean, deodorize and sanitize toilets:

Kills shower mold and cleans showers and bathtubs:

All-Natural, chemical-free hand sanitizer:

Clean, sanitize and breakdown pesticides/organics on vegetables prior to eating:

Scent control for hunting:

Pet bed deodorizing:


Humidifier cleaner and disinfectant:

Shopping cart disinfectant: 

Chemical-Free Disinfectant for groceries:

Sanitizer for postal deliveries:

Toothbrush sanitizer:

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