February 18, 2019

Toilet cleaning is consistently ranked at the top of the list for most hated household chores... but is there a way to actually learn how to enjoy toilet cleaning? Although there are many acquired tastes in life, we decided that toilet cleaning simply isn't one of them and the best way to enjoy toilet cleaning is not to do it at all. If you could just delete the thought of having to break out the rubber gloves, scrub brush and cleaning chemicals and use the time and energy you would have spent cleaning toilets on the things you actually enjoy, everyone would be much happier...especially you. Many people are discovering the time-saving, money-saving and happiness building power of automatic toilet cleaners and realizing that manually scrubbing toilets is not necessary when the right toilet cleaning product is installed. Take a look at the things you could be enjoying rather than cleaning toilets:


Cooking! I enjoy all types of cooking and especially enjoy the slow and low cooking style of a smoker. I smoked these tenderloin steaks at 225F using a meat thermometer and hickory and maple wood chips until the internal temperature reached 140F (medium) and then allowed them to rest for a few minutes before coating them with seasoning and a roasted garlic butter sauce. No knife necessary, these steaks, like butter, will literally melt in your mouth:

Take a bath, read a book.

More cooking! In my free time I have been working on a recipe for the perfect smoked chicken wings. Here's a sample of these fall off the bone wings using a dry rub. I also enjoy lobster and fried rice but only if the lobster is half price.


You get the idea. Everflush has many great products that install in seconds and clean your toilet for years. The best thing is that you can focus on what you enjoy which almost certainly is not toilet cleaning.  LEARN MORE

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