Money Saving Toilet Cleaning Hacks Used by Hotels

February 18, 2019

Hotel owners understand the high costs of housekeeping and keep their attention focused on reducing the rising chemical costs associated with keeping hotel rooms clean. The use of chemicals for cleaning hotel rooms such as liquid bleach for toilet cleaning are very costly for hotel businesses and add up significantly over time. Before, during and after every guest stays in a hotel room it must be cleaned including the toilet. Multiple cleaning cycles add up to large amounts of cleaning chemicals. Hotels also pay for shipping, unloading, and storage of these cleaning supplies which translates into time, labor and money. The problem is that even when a hotel room has not been used for a period of time, standing water in the toilet causes toilet bowl ring which is the outgrowth of bacteria and hard water stains. Cleaning and removing toilet bowl ring requires additional chemical usage and cleaning time which add up to labor and chemical costs.

Smart hotel owners solve these issues by using automatic toilet bowl cleaners that can last for several years cleaning a toilet without the hassle and cost of manual cleaning. Automatic toilet bowl cleaners install in the tank of the toilet and dispense cleaner directly into the bowl only when the toilet is flushed. The cleaner travels through the channels inside the toilet and removes bacteria and hard water buildup where scrub brushes can't reach. Cleaning the channels inside a toilet is important because the gunk that builds up inside the channels including bacteria, mold, mildew and hard water deposits are flushed into the bowl where toilet bowl ring growth begins. What's worse is that bacteria and mold inside the toilet can cause the toilet to stink even after it has been cleaned. Bad smelling hotel bathrooms result in poor guest experiences and bad reviews because it reflects on a key factor guests value: CLEANLINESS.

Hotels that use automatic toilet bowl cleaners see a direct correlation to improved customer satisfaction which translates into better reviews. They work by dissolving a small amount of cleaner into a defined volume of water and stop dissolving once a saturation point is reached. This means that only a small amount of cleaner is used only when the toilet is flushed. A hotel room that may not be used for several days or even months but the cleaner stays in the toilet bowl and inside the channels of the toilet where it continues to clean even though the toilet is not being used. This is in stark contrast to liquid bleach which breaks down rapidly and stops working soon after the toilet is scrubbed causing the return of the toilet bowl ring growth cycle. With automatic toilet bowl cleaners, the cleaning efficiency of a small amount of cleaner is maximized. Automatic toilet bowl cleaners can last for years without any manual cleaning which saves hotels money, time, labor and most importantly, improves the hotel reputation through customer reviews.



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