Toilet Cleaning: One Less Thing to Worry About

March 16, 2019

Cross toilet cleaning off your mental to-do list for the next year with Everflush.  Installs in seconds, keeps your toilet sparkling clean for years.

The Occasionally Clean Toilet

March 01, 2015

CLEAN TOILETS FOR A SINGLE FLUSH As you finish the weekly task of cleaning all the household toilets and slide the scrub brush and chemicals back into their designated space, you can finally relax and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment.  But how long will those freshly cleaned toilets actually stay clean?  The answer may surprise you.  But first let me walk you through a very simple analogy:  how long does any room in your house really stay in order after tidying up?  In the case of a child's room, probably not long.  And even the most organized people will become disorganized over time unless a consistent amount of effort is applied.  Think about...