Toilet Cleaning: One Less Thing to Worry About

March 16, 2019

toilet cleaning: one less thing to worry about

Sometimes just knowing you have a pending chore that has been hanging around on your mental to-do list is enough to cause a headache.  When it comes to toilet cleaning, watching the toilet bowl ring grow serves as a constant nagging reminder to break out the scrub brush and cleaning chemicals.  With busy schedules and little time to complete a seemingly endless stream of chores, for most people, the unpleasant task of toilet cleaning gets pushed to the back of the line.  But the toilet bowl ring doesn't stop - it continues to grow and gets thicker and darker as the bacteria and hard water stains start to flourish in the science experiment that is your toilet.  When toilet bowl ring gets unsightly enough, you have no choice but to stop what you're doing and go to work with the scrub brush only to find that delaying the inevitable toilet cleaning task made it worse.  You break out the pumice stone, vinegar and a full bottle of bleach as your weapons, let the vinegar soak overnight and attack what's left of the toilet bowl ring the next day.  After all that work, your toilets are now sparkling clean - but prevention is the key to keeping them clean.

toilet scrubbing 

In the back of your mind, however, you know that as soon as you put down the scrub brush, toilet bowl ring will begin to grow and you will have to repeat the same routine in a few days.  What if there was a way to enjoy that sparkling clean toilet for the next year without even having to think about toilet cleaning?  It would be nice to lock-in the sparkling clean toilet you worked so hard to achieve.  Most importantly, you wouldn't even have to think about toilet bowl cleaning and avoid the hassle and headache.  There is a better way.

toilet bowl ring prevention

After you scrub and scour your toilet bowl clean, you can install a simple cleaning pouch (in seconds) that delivers an optimized cleaning solution into you toilet bowl after every flush where it continues the fight against toilet bowl ring and hard water stains directly in the bowl where it matters most.  The long lasting cleaning kit would continue to kill bacteria and prevent and remove hard water stains for up to 1 year and beyond.  Every time you or your family or guests use your sparkling clean toilet, it would appear that it had just been cleaned as there would be no signs of toilet bowl ring.  Above all, you can focus your time on the important things in life like spending time with family and friends with a clean mental checklist (at least when it comes to toilet cleaning).


 get rid of toilet bowl ring permanently




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