Everflush Mini
The Everflush Mini Story (Mini)
When we moved into our current house over 2 years ago, I immediately installed Everflush Mini in all the bathrooms to begin testing to see how long it would last and if it would keep the toilets clean.  The results speak for themselves, Everflush Mini is still cleaning these toilets daily after more than 2 years straight.  In fact, these toilets have never been touched with a scrub brush or cleaning chemicals of any kind other than Everflush.  I'm so happy to finally release Everflush Mini and hope it will work wonders for your toilets too.   
About Everflush Mini
Lasts up to 10 times longer than leading automatic toilet bowl cleaners
Cleans for up to 1 year
The most effective product on the market for hard water and toilet bowl ring:
     -Removes and prevents hard water stains from the inside out
     -Fights and Eliminates toilet bowl ring after every flush
Fastest installing product on the market
Installs easily in seconds with no chemical handling or refills necessary
User Safe, Tank Safe, Septic Safe
Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable
$ 14.89