Everflush Smart Clean


Everflush Smart Clean is a refillable toilet cleaning solution that combines our patented long lasting cleaning power with the option to refill using standard 3" toilet cleaning tablets.


Installs in seconds - simply add 1 or 2 tablets depending on the frequency of use and connect to the overfill pipe using the existing refill tube

Extends tablet lifetimes up to 10x compared to placing the tablets in the tank

Protects tank parts - keeps cleaning agent away from rubber components of tank

Selectable power - for high use toilets, use 2 tablets, for less frequently used bathrooms, use 1 tablet

Dispenses cleaning solution directly into the toilet bowl with every flush

Save time and money vs. conventional toilet cleaning tablets

Conventional Drop-In-Tank tablets lose 80% of their effectiveness because most of the cleaning agent is flushed down the drain rather than remaining in the toilet bowl to clean between flushes.  Everflush Smart Clean extends the life of tablets and prevents waste by using 100% of the cleaning power where it's needed most -  in the bowl.  When the tablets dissolve in 8-12 months, simply refill by placing tablets directly into the unit.

No hassle, No expensive refills, maximum value

HOTEL SUPPLY ORDERS: Contact us at support@everflush.com for bulk orders, pricing and availability



$ 10.00