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Our Story

"Making toilet cleaning a thing of the past"

Everflush is a small company with an innovative product.  We started working in the fall of 2013 with the goal to find a permanent, inexpensive, no-hassle solution to the constant chore of keeping toilets clean.  Not only do toilets need constant attention to stay clean, the cleaning process also consumes large amounts of cleaning chemicals which are essentially flushed down the drain only to provide a temporary clean before additional chemicals are needed.  Over the course of 2014 a solution to these problems was developed that exceeded our expectations in every way not to mention we haven't had to clean our toilets ever since.  We want to share this solution with our customers and hope to grow as a company by saving customers time, money, and the hassles of toilet cleaning.  Everflush became available to customers in early 2015 and our overall goal is to make toilet cleaning a thing of the past. 

About Everflush

Nobody likes cleaning toilets ... Everflush provides the all-inclusive, cost-effective solution. 

Spending just 12 minutes every week cleaning toilets adds up to over 10 hours per year - and that's 10 hours too many if you ask us!  If alternative toilet cleaning products have let you down, we at Everflush have shared your frustration and would like the opportunity to share the solution.  Everflush was founded by people looking for a sustainable, effective and environmentally friendly toilet cleaning solution. By identifying key problems with existing toilet cleaning products, we developed an all-inclusive, long lasting, time saving and cost effective solution.  Our ultimate goal is to deliver the highest value to our customers with the commitment to continuous product improvement.  Take a look at the motivation and innovation behind the longest lasting automatic toilet bowl cleaner on the market today.   

Solutions and advantages of Everflush: 

  • Everflush delivers a controlled amount of cleaning power in every flush leaving your toilet clean for extended periods of time (up to 1 year) without the overpowering chlorine odor or excessive use of cleaning agent.  A single Everflush pouch lasts up to 1 year and we are continuously working on extending the lifetime of Everflush.  While other companies make money by selling refills or replacements of short lived products, we believe our long-lasting product delivers the highest value to our customers in addition to saving customers the most time.  We believe providing the best possible product to our customers is the key to establishing long lasting relationships and vital to the success of our company.  Everflush remains consumer safe and tank safe by keeping the cleaning agent in a sealed environment never to be opened.  Our cleaning agent is delivered directly into the toilet bowl with every flush where effective cleaning occurs over time.  Everflush can be used in both toilets that are flushed daily and in toilets that are rarely flushed with no damage to tank parts in either case.
  • Everflush stays completely out of view, you won't even know it's there.  Installation takes 1-2 minutes and will not cause the lid of the toilet tank to wobble like other products that attach to the wall of the tank.
  • Everflush products are 100% recyclable.
  • Our proprietary controlled released design maximizes cleaning effectiveness while reducing cleaning composition usage.
  • Everflush uses up to 4x less cleaner than leading products.
  • Our sustained delivery system significantly extends the product lifetime far beyond other leading brands - Everflush stands alone.   
  • Attention to detail and commitment to continuous product improvement sets us apart from the competition.   

Problems with existing toilet cleaning products:

  • In tank bleach tablets deliver way too much chlorine to your toilet and create an overpowering chlorine odor in your bathroom.  Bleach tablets end up destroying the rubber components in your tank making them very expensive in the long run.  The tablets need to be replaced every couple of months which means a household having 3 toilets will require 18 packages over the course of a year.  Opening the tablet packages individually can expose the user to potentially harmful bleach.  Because the bleach containing water in the tank is used during flushing and not to refill the bowl, only a small amount of bleach is delivered to the bowl where it is needed.       
  • Under rim cleaners: the main complaints with under the rim cleaners are 1) the chemical component and plastic components can easily fall into the toilet, 2) they typically have an overpowering odor, 3) the actual cleaning ability is limited, 4) short lifetimes of 1-2 months, 5) they require manual replacement which means reaching into the toilet bowl and dislodging the plastic. 
  • In-Line cleaners: in-line cleaners are placed in the tank where they are connected to the water flowing directly into the toilet bowl.  This design prevents damage to the tank components and is a step in the right direction.  The main problem with existing in-line products on the market today are that they don't last as long as advertised.  More commonly, the available in-line cleaners require replacement after 1-2 months which also means you will need to purchase expensive refills that can be costly.  Not all in-line cleaners are created equal - while some brands do a better job cleaning than others we were constantly replacing or refilling units which became very expensive.  The brands that did a better job cleaning required more frequent refills and produced an overpowering chlorine odor indicating that more chlorine was being used.