Our Story

Everflush started in a 3-toilet home during the weekly and seemingly endless chore of cleaning toilets.  While carrying a toilet brush and cleaning chemicals around the house, I began to realize that in an age of technological advancements that have made almost every aspect of our lives better, the toilet seems to have been left behind.  In a perfect world a toilet should be continuously cleaned automatically and cost-effectively without any intervention.  People shouldn't even have to think about cleaning their toilets; clean toilets should be the standard, not the exception.  In today's world, however, existing toilet cleaning products were short lived, expensive, and often caused other problems such as damage to toilet components.  Existing products either don't work, require constant intervention including the purchase and installation of expensive refills, make your bathroom smell like a swimming pool or perfume stand, or even cause physical damage to your toilet components requiring expensive replacement.  I know these things because like many people, I've tried every toilet cleaning product on the market and had to revert back to weekly scrubbing when these products failed.  Someone needed to come up with a better solution and over the next year I took on the challenge. 

The goal was to develop a cost effective and time saving solution that delivered a continuously clean toilet over the longest period of time possible.  Additionally, I didn't want to hassle with constantly maintaining existing toilet cleaning products such as buying refills or dealing with the many other problems created by these products.  The ultimate goal was simply to have a continuously clean toilet for as long as possible without even knowing there was something cleaning your toilet which meant it was out of view and as low odor as possible.  After a huge amount of time, energy, determination and a lot of failure, a solution was developed that blew away even my most optimistic expectations.  The solution not only cleaned my 3 toilets perfectly and continuously, it demonstrated the capability of lasting not on the order of months, but on the order of years.  The solution was then refined, tested and improved.  Hard work and determination have paid off and we want to share this success with the world.   

Everflush is now a small company proud to offer customers the longest lasting automatic toilet bowl cleaner on the market today.  We are committed to sustainable, environmentally conscious products designed to save customers time and money.  Our proprietary technology maximizes the cleaning efficiency of our products which enables both a substantial reduction in the amount of cleaning agent used and significantly longer product lifetimes compared to other leading brands.  Everflush products are 100% recyclable and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and we promise to continuously improve our products - this is just the beginning.  If you like Everflush, please make sure to share our story.  Put Everflush to work for you and cross toilet cleaning off your list for the next year.