Chemical Free Disinfectant and Deodorizer

Chemical Free Disinfectant and Deodorizer


Converts tap water into POWERFUL and naturally ocurring OZONE to create ozone water that can be used to instantly clean and deodorize everything!  

All-Purpose electrolytic ozone can be used for the following applications:


Clean hands, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, toilets, humidifiers, etc.

Clean vegetables, clean and deodorize laundry, stain remover, hand sanitizer.

Create ozone ice (the freshest ice you've ever made)

Recreational: backpacking drinking water sanitizer to kill waterborne bacteria, hunting deodorizer

Beauty: ozone therapy for skin/face, makeup remover

Dental: antiseptic mouth rinse, treatment for bad breath

This is the only commercial device available that creates ELECTROLYTIC OZONE in tap water capable of being used in a spray bottle for ALL-PURPOSE cleaning to sanitize hands, fruits & vegetables, surfaces, groceries, toilets, bathtubs/showers, etc.  Use within 20 minutes after generation.  After 20min, the ozone converts back to water.  


Instructions for use:

1) Fill any spray bottle with tap water

2) Submerge the electrode in the water and plug in (battery or outlet) to generate ozone - you will see the ozone micro-bubbles being dissolved into the water - run for 1-2 minutes until the water becomes visibly cloudy indicating ozone has been produced

3) Unplug the electrode and withdraw from the spray bottle - set electrode on a towel to air dry 

4) Screw on spray nozzle and spray all contaminated surfaces with the ozone

5) Dry surface with a paper towel - use within 20 minutes of ozone production because the ozone will convert back into water during this period of time


Estimated lifetime: 2000 uses if properly dried after each use

$ 19.99