Everflush 10x

Everflush 10x
The Problem: TOILET BOWL RING... everyone has it and it all stinks. 
What is Toilet Bowl Ring?  Toilet bowl ring is composed of BACTERIA (i.e. E-coli) and mineral deposits such as calcium, magnesium, iron which buildup and deposit inside your toilet over time to create HARD WATER STAINS.  Hard water stains are especially prevalent in well water, however, every toilet is prone to bacterial buildup and hard water stains to varying degrees which means every toilet in the world develops toilet bowl ring.  What's worse is that a majority of people still manually scrub their toilets weekly with a brush and chemicals to get rid of toilet bowl ring which is one more chore to add to an already full list of things to get done.   
 Why Scrubbing Doesn't Work:  Bacteria and mineral deposits grow inside the channels of the toilet where no scrub brush can reach which is why manually scrubbing the toilet bowl only gives the appearance of a clean toilet.  The problem is that the bacteria and hard water deposits lurk inside of the channels of the toilet.  Weekly scrubbing only to have the bacteria and hard water stains reappear after a few days is like washing only half of a drinking glass - the contaminated inner channels of the toilet quickly pollute the bowl causing the toilet bowl ring growth cycle all over again.  Dealing with the toilet bowl ring growth cycle consumes energy, money and most importantly, your time.  We developed Everflush with the goal of not only saving you time, but saving you from having to think about toilet cleaning.  
The Solution: Clean your toilet automatically from the inside out with every flush by installing EverFlush.  EverFlush is dispensed through the channels within the toilet and eliminates and prevents the growth of bacteria and hard water stains on it's journey to the bowl where it keeps your toilet sparkling clean for extended periods of time with no scrubbing required.  Meet our most popular product -  Everflush 10x cleans 10 times longer than any other product on the market while protecting tank parts.  ONE LESS THING TO WORRY ABOUT.
Thousands of customers have discovered the time saving, hassle saving EverFlush toilet cleaning solutions...see what our customers have to say in the reviews below.
Here's one of our favorite reviews from Jean D.:
"This product is great, it does the work my back used to, it does the cleaning my fingers used to do, it frees my mind to accomplish what was designed to do, not worrying about cleaning toilets."
HOW IT WORKS - Everflush installs in seconds and cleans for years while protecting tank parts.  
Everflush 10x :: The world's longest lasting and fastest installing automatic toilet bowl cleaner!
Timesaver:  Do you spend just 11 minutes per week cleaning toilets?  Everflush 10x will save you up to 24 hours of toilet cleaning time.  Your time is valuable, don't spend it cleaning toilets.
Money saver.  The little things add up fast - our customers save nearly $200 per household on toilet cleaning supplies with Everflush 10x because it lasts so long.
Lasts 10 times longer than leading automatic toilet bowl cleaners
Cleans for up to 30 months
PROTECTS TANK PARTS - cleaner is dispensed directly into the bowl
The most effective product on the market for hard water and toilet bowl ring:
     -Removes and prevents hard water stains from the inside out
     -Fights and Eliminates toilet bowl ring after every flush
Fastest installing product on the market
Installs easily in seconds with no chemical handling or refills necessary
User Safe, Tank Safe, Septic Safe
Our new materials are strength rated up to 300lbs!
Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable
Everflush Guarantee: LASTS 1 YEAR OR THE NEXT ONE'S FREE


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